Sunday, December 6, 2009

great wall great medicine


  1. thats a friend of mine from hiroshima . we filmied a movie called great wall great medicine in china on the great wall around 9/11 . i had different tiny films like this , him singing like this . on 12 televisions . all different playing on loops in a gallery in beverly hills . it made this weird sort of song when they played . they were installed in a brick housing that looked like a tree sorta. i eventually had to attach them all to one headphone jack as people in the gallery were going insane with headaches . - the film was seized by the government in china for sometime for giving away "secrets of healthy lifestyles" some shit like that. i think its out now . i speak chinese and japanese in it . and wash a "rotung" which is basically a human catbox. in a river. . while i was doing it i was thinking of brad pitt in a river runs thru it and how somehow i got the short end of the stick . wrap dinner the served me scorpions frogs and a snake . .... yep

  2. Do you have any photos or vids of the installation? It sounds amazing! I love this! I'd also enjoy seeing that film and hearing you speak Chinese and Japanese. Just think...Brad Pitt will never ever have the experience of cleaning a rotung or eating reptiles. I think he missed out, mate.

  3. cantonese or mandarin? was seized....'when china wakes it will shake the world'..I never forgot that when I read it. I would love to see these tiny films of yours.

    so..yeah..that rotung thing...damn...I guess it's not not all glamour and kisses huh. did you like the scorpions and such?..I'd try it.

    thank you for sharing this.

  4. Norman Reedus, I am a huge huge huge fan of yours and had no idea you had such glorious artistic talents. I would have loved to see the actual piece with all the tvs.
    I have to thank the young lady here in the hospital that asked to borrow my laptop so she could see something(which was this as she couldn't see it on her phone) She is also leaving me her portable DVD player and some of your movies.
    Needless to say this page is now in my favorites and I look forward to more posts.
    Now I am going to check out all of the older posts.
    Thank you Mr. Reedus you made my day.

  5. Norman so far there is nothing short-end-of-the-stick about you. Thanks for the summary.

  6. i didn't know you have a japanese friend! how lucky he is!
    ive seen great wall great medicine with japanese title. this film is one of my favorites! (needless to say, i'm addicted to you norman<3) there are japanese ppl, chinese ppl, and one american(norman) on it. this movie makes me relax with a pretty landscape and friendship and strong bond btw the ppl who have different culture and language. Mr. Atsushi Watanabe complimented you for being a good actor with great personality on the interview. i was so impressed that you picked him up to the airport waiting him soaked with rain... How nice you are! i guess you are the humblest hollywood actor>_<
    un4tunately i haven't got done watching all of the films you were on bc some of them are not sold or rent here in Japan;( im going to have a look at them wen i visit states again:) thanks for reading my horrible english.
    luv ya