Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 films at bigbaldhead.com

hey so . www.bigbaldhead.com . those discs i sell from time to time on there . three short films etc. ive started changing the packaging to include different photos . so people get different images printed on the discs. i started playing with this printer and maybe got a bit carried away . but they are fun this way . people get personal ones. some are the same of course but many arent . .


  1. I appreciate the personal touch. Looking forward to receiving this!

    Tho kinda bummed since I'm not getting Red Canyon dvd today like I thought. Apparently it's out of stock at Amazon.com.

  2. I ordered mine today!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Norman!!!

  3. Definitely going to check this out! Gave you and your photography a shout out on my blog today (http://thebeautyandwonderwithin.blogspot.com/)

  4. WHOA - I just watched Red Canyon.

    Norman, you are exceptional in this movie. The most frightening thing about your character is that he is so realistic.

    I could definitely see this happening in real life.

    I recommend it for fans of horror or for anyone who likes Harper's Island, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Hostel, and Surveillance.

    Warning: Keep the antacid handy.

    My five word review: That's why small towns SUCK

    Also, recently I was fortunate enough to see Dead*line. Here again, you are phenomenal. I am also a fan of Chris Mulkey ever since The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains.

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  6. I want to be girlfriend of the Norman for to be as mother for Mingus!!! Love u 2!

  7. I love your creative side (not just the acting) I'm a photographer and artist as well as singer and my thing has been singing about the walking dead since 2005. You might get a laugh. These are fan made videos on you tube, but I'm on FaceBook too (virtualreneecooper) aka Zombie Girl:


    and this one which is funny because I performed at NYC's SMACK fetish event and there is some of my performance with misc zombie things the fan liked. All in good fun.

    I am looking forward to much more of the other side of your creative side Norman! <3